Span Alaska Tracking

Span Alaska Tracking

Span Alaska Tracking is a courier company that offers high quality, efficient, and secure express services to its customers. They use cutting edge technology for this purpose to provide world-class customer care through innovative solutions in all aspects of delivery be it speed or safety!

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Span Customer Service

Contact Number: +1-800-257-7726

Official Emails: [email protected]

Official Website:

Headquarter:  3815 W Valley Hwy N N, Auburn, WA 98001, United States

About Span Alaska

Ray Landry was a highly respected figure in the Alaska freight industry even prior to establishing Spain Alaska Consolidators in 1978. He envisioned a company that would best serve Alaska’s needs, and with the support of both his employees and customers, he turned that vision into reality.

Beginning with modest origins, Ray steadily transformed his one-person venture into one of the largest freight companies dedicated to serving Alaska, driven by relentless hard work. He approached his clients with sincerity and respect, while surrounding himself with like-minded individuals.

By the time Ray retired in 1990, he had built a robust management team that shared his values of integrity, strong work ethic, and profound understanding of Alaska’s freight landscape. Many of the original members of Ray’s management team remain actively engaged in the day-to-day operations of the business after over 30 years.

Today, Span Alaska and its affiliated subsidiaries transport over 400 million pounds of cargo annually to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. With a workforce exceeding 200 employees and a fleet of more than 400 trucks, the company has solidified its presence. Beyond bulk shipments from the Lower 49 to South Central Alaska, the company provides overnight LTL (less than truckload) barge services from Anchorage to Fairbanks, the Kenai Peninsula, and from Tacoma to Southeast Alaska.

Following Ray’s retirement, the succeeding generation of Landrys led the business until 2014. That year, Mike, Teresa, Tom, and Paul retained a significant stake in Spain Alaska, with the majority interest being acquired by Evergreen Pacific Partners of Seattle.

The acquisition and integration of Pacific Alaska Freightways (PAF) into Spain Alaska occurred in September 2015.

Matson Logistics successfully finalized the acquisition of Span Alaska in August 2016. As a Matson Logistics subsidiary, Span Alaska has become an integral part of the Matson family. While our name, management team, staff, and operations remain unchanged, we are thrilled to be a part of this esteemed company. Matson Logistics, a leading supply chain and logistics provider in the US, is renowned for its consistent high-quality service. Our values align seamlessly with the company’s dedication to innovation and customer commitment.

Based in Auburn, Washington, Span Alaska operates from a 93-gate terminal spanning 15 acres. Operating at various locations including Kodiak, Wasilla, Anchorage, Kenai,  and Fairbanks, Span Alaska manages terminals effectively.

Rooted in a customer-centric ethos, Span Alaska continuously aspires to be the preeminent freight forwarding solution for the intricate Alaska market. Our ongoing investments in service enhancement, equipment updates, technological advancements, and most importantly, the recruitment of personnel who embody our guiding principles of customer satisfaction and success, define our commitment.

How to track parcel from Span Alaska Transportation Tracking?

Just enter the tracking number you get from the Span Alaska Transportation tell you where they wrote the tracking number you get the result of your vanguard container check the official website for it.

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